Call Center Solutions

Dynamic Outsourcing Services through its partners and suppliers can offer the next generation platforms that power millions of interactions for Customer Service, Technical Support, Telemarketing & Sales, Inbound Sales, Collections, Order Management, and Ticketing & Bookings across a wide range of industries such as BPO and Outsourcing, Financial Services, Market Research, Entertainment, and Healthcare.

Our cutting-edge technologies have been designed to add value to the businesses and services, paving the way for structured growth. We identify areas of your business requirements and offers solutions that fulfill for your needs

Dynamic Outsourcing Services offers call center solutions from zero up to up and running

  1. Call Center Assessment
  2. Hardware supply and installation
  3. Software's installation
  4. Call System installation and Configuration
  5. Data management
  6. Report
  7. Support

An Ameyo Call Center System is the best telecommunications system up to date with new technology. Interested clients can be presented with a tailored proposed to meet their needs.